The TechGuide website is the go-to-place for you to get quick easy information on technology services available to you, by the Stanwood-Camano School district. As a new hire, it is highly advised to read through this section to get familiar with the technology in the district. If you need to branch of into other sections, they are found on the left of this website.

1. Password reset utility

The first thing you should do as a new employee is enroll into the password reset system. This will allow you to change your default password and also create a series of questions allowing you to perform password recovery independently. You can find this here (also found under the account and email section)

2. Email

If you're an employee with the Stanwood-Camano School District, you have an email with us. To access this email, please refer to the Account and email section to learn how to access your email.

3. Additional help

If you need additional help from the technology staff, refer to the 'Support' section.

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Last updated on 31st Aug 2017