Common Chromebook Problems And Their Fixes

#1 - Screen Rotation Use the keys ctrl+shift+refresh

#2 - Chrome OS is running very slowly FIX: Try closing a few apps, browser windows, or tabs

#3 - Keyboard showing up Tap or click Settings . At the bottom, tap or click Advanced. Under "Accessibility," tap or click Manage accessibility features. Under "Keyboard," tap or click Enable on-screen keyboard.

#4 - No Sound There’s a quick toggle that lets you switch the audio input and output devices when there is more than one option. First, click on the system tray There’s a small icon just beside the volume slider that only appears when there are multiple choices. Click it.

#5 - Won’t connect to Projector Press Ctrl + to toggle between mirroring your display and extending it after connecting using HDMI

#6 - Chrome Missing Complete a ticket and send to Tech Dept for image

#7 - Screen Magnified Make a specific page bigger or smaller Zoom in (make things bigger): Press Ctrl and +. Zoom out (make things smaller): Press Ctrl and -. Reset zoom: Press Ctrl + 0. Make everything on your screen bigger or smaller Make things bigger (decrease resolution): Press Ctrl + Shift and +. Make things smaller (increase resolution): Press Ctrl + Shift and -. Reset resolution: Press Ctrl + Shift + 0.

#8 - High Contrast Mode (inverted mode) Settings>Advanced settings>Accessibility>Manage accessibility> Use high contrast mode. Control+Search+H

#9 - Mouse indicator Settings>Advanced settings>Accessibility>Manage accessibility> Mouse and touchpad

#10 Enable or Disable Caps Lock alt + search

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

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Last updated on 24th May 2018