Chrome Powerwash

System Recovery is great to use when you have tried everything else to fix the problem you are having with the Chrome OS itself. This will NOT fix any actual hardware issue such as broken keys and monitors.


Restarts and goes to picture below:

2.Select CTRL+D

3.Press Enter

Note: If you receive an error saying developer mode is disabled restart the chromebook and proceed to Welcome Screen.

4.Press Spacebar

5.Press Enter

Reboots and goes to the next section. (Welcome Screen)

Welcome Screen Sometimes you may get a Chromebook that is already at this screen and that’s ok. Less steps you have to do!

1.Select Lets go 2.Select SCSD SECURE network

3.Select Next For EAP Method select PEAP In the Identity Field input your computer username (ie jdoe) and input your password. *NOTE:Uncheck save password.

  1. Accept Terms and Agreement (May Bypass)

5.Enterprise Enrollment- Enter your school Gmail login credentials

  1. Do not change asset or Device location. Leave all values as is and hit Next.

Done - You should come to the Chrome OS login screen.

Note: If you have gone through all of these steps and the issue is still not resolved please create a ticket at the Helpdesk and the Tech Department will take it from here!

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Last updated on 24th May 2018