Account and Email

Computer accounts within the district are automatically maintained using data provided from the district's Skyward system. Changes are synced nightly, so this means new accounts are available the day after a new hire is added by HR. The same rule applies to students when they are registered.

Your Username

Staff accounts follow the format of first initial, last name.
For an employee named John Doe his account would look like JDoe.

If an employee already has the username that would be assigned to you, then a number is added at the end.
For multiple may look like JDoe2 or JDoe3.

Your short username is used for logging into computers, Web Help Desk, and many other in-district services.

Your Email Address

All school employees have an email address automatically created for them. The district uses Gmail (Google Mail) for email services, so your email address has the added function of working as a Google account.

Your email address is your username with the school district's domain tacked on the end.
For example, "John Doe" would have an email address of

Additionally, we provide a shorter email alias that directs to the same account. This can be quite the time-saver.
Sending email to would automatically redirect to

Your email address is used for email communications, as well as logging into any Google-provided services.

Your Default Password

Your default password is a combination of your first initial, last name, and birth year.
For example, if "John Doe" was born in 1979, his password would be JDoe1979.

NOTE: The first two characters in your password will be uppercase, and the rest will always be lowercase.

Changing Your Password

Changing and recovering your password is done through the SSRPM System.

Enrolling into SSRPM

  1. Start your enrollment here. Click on "Enroll"
  2. Submit your username and default password, as well as the displayed security code.
  3. You will be asked for five security questions.
    • The first four questions use pre-made questions.
    • The fifth question requires you to create your own question.
    • All answers must be typed twice.
  4. After completing your security questions, you should see a "congratulations" screen. You can now close the window.

Resetting Your Password

  1. Start your password reset here. Click on "Change Password"
  2. Submit your username, as well as the displayed security code.
  3. Three of the security questions you previously created will be displayed. Submit the same answers you created them with.
  4. You will then be asked for a new password. Enter the password twice and click "Reset Password".
    • Password must be at least 7 characters long.
    • Take care to pick a password that you will easily remember.
  5. Password resets happen almost instantly, and will reset both your email and computer account.

If for any reason the SSRPM process is not working for you, reach out to the Technology Services Group for assistance.

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Last updated on 31st Aug 2017