How can I get apps on my iPads?

iPads that are owned by the Stanwood-Camano school district are enrolled into a management system. This allows us to control iPads centrally and even remotely install applications for you (as well as unlock iPads!). If you would like to install apps onto specific iPad(s), please use the following instructions.

Free apps:

With free applications you may use your own AppleID, or send a HelpDesk Ticket with the following information to get your app(s) installed.

To install your own apps (faster method if you are working with a single iPad):

  • Log into the iPad App Store with your iCloud account (You can create an iCloud account using your Stanwood.wednet.edu work email).

  • Find the app you would like and click the Get button.

To have the Tech department install the app(s) onto one or multiple iPads:

  • Follow the instructions below.

iPad app purchasing

To have the district purchase and install iPad applications for you, please follow these instructions:

Find the application name

  • Open a browser and go to https://volume.itunes.apple.com/us/store
  • Search for the iPad application that you need.
  • Add the exact name and price of the application to the ticket that will be created in the following steps.

Create a HelpDesk ticket to request the application to be purchased and installed onto the iPad.

  1. Open a browser and go to http://help.scsd.ac
  2. Log into the HelpDesk. (same login as your computer)
  3. Next to the 'Request type' item, click the dropdown box and select 'Purchasing'
  4. Another drop box appears to the right, click this dropbox and select iPads.
  5. Enter a subject. (does not matter what it says)
  6. In request detail, please provide the following:
    Application name(s). iPad(s) asset tag number that said application will be installed on.
**Note: You may request multiple applications to multiple iPads on the same ticket**
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Last updated on 9th Nov 2018